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We are a global marketing company with more than 5 years of experiences in crowdfunding marketing. We have promoted more than 6.000 crowdfunding projects and have helped to raise dozens of millions of dollars.

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Thank you so much for everything. I saw everything you have done and it looks great
Paras Arora

Thank you so much for your help with my campaign much appreciated!
Alex Liang

Great, thank you for both the support and insight!
Jeff Scott

Thank you for the excellent advice and quick service I appreciate it. Enjoy your day!
Joe Waidelich

I am very impressed with your delivery. I spend way too much money on flight-by-nights on Fiverr. You are really good at what you are doing. Thank you for all the tips. I will use them.

Kat Green

Thanks for the great info.
Corneille Hutten

Thanks for this and especially the tips! Will use your service again soon.
Mike Gonzalez

Thanks for your service and your personal recommendation for my fundraiser. It helped me get many donations

Denis Aleksandrovich

Great, thanks and I appreciate the advice!

Scott Ward

Outstanding job! Thank you very much for your service and support.
Fernando Topaz

Our Team

Renata Tomanova

Owner, Crowdfunding expert

Lucas Toman

Social Media Marketeer

Vick Sochor

Social Media Marketeer

Roy Radford

Remote Advisor

Jackie Watkins

Remote Advisor

Past Projects

Examples of some projects we have promoted in past

Pebby: World's Most Advanced Smart Ball for Pets!


KLOK-08: 60s-inspired watch by klokers


LABFRESH - Odor & Stain Repellent Cotton Shirts


3D Printer - Ready-to-Ship Now!


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